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Privacy Policy

Looten International implements strict security measures to protect the personal information of its websites and applications’ users.

Personal Information

“Personal information” refers to information that can identify an individual by name, student card number, or date of birth.
The personal information of users, collected by lawful and fair means, is used for identity confirmation. Such information is necessary for using our services.
Other information such as e-mail address, occupation and hobbies, etc. might be asked of users. It is not necessary to provide such information, but some services such as password recovery might be restricted or disabled as a result.
Information gathered by cookies is used by Looten International for security and statistical purposes. This does not include information which allows users to be identified.
Users can configure their browser to make cookies inoperative. However, if this occurs, it is possible that the user will not be able to use all or part of the Looten International websites.

Purpose of use of Personal Information

Looten International uses users' information for the following purposes:

  • To provide language learning service;
  • To notify and provide support to users regarding Looten International products;
  • To otherwise manage the website and application appropriately;
  • To enforce our legal rights or fulfill our obligations;
  • For internal market survey and product development.

Use of personal information

Looten International shall obtain users' consent if handling personal information outside the range of the purpose of use, except in the following circumstances:

  • Usage is based on laws and ordinances;
  • Usage is necessary to protect a person's life or assets and Looten International concludes that urgency is required;
  • Looten International is required to cooperate with a government or public body.

Personal Information Disclosure

Looten International shall disclose personal information to the user himself or to his/her legal representative upon request, except in the following circumstances:

  • Laws or Ordinances will be breached;
  • A user or third party's life or assets could be damaged;
  • Looten International business operations could be severely impeded.

Supplying of Personal Information to Third Parties

Looten International will provide or deposit users’ personal information to the extent necessary if one of the following applies:

  • Based on the user request, it is necessary to provide relevant personal information for arranging products and services (e.g.: linking of social media accounts);
  • When request of disclosure is based on laws and regulations from public authorities;
  • When explicit consent has been received by the user.

Privacy Policy Changes

The Privacy Policy may be changed fully or in part by Looten International at any time.