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Why choose Looten International

Professional teachers with extensive classroom experience

Professional Teachers

All the material of this portal is the product of an entire faculty comprised of experienced and enthusiastic teachers. Based on our experience, acquired in the classroom, we create material which copes with the difficulties encountered by students. Every lesson has been designed to ensure an easy going learning experience.

A syllabus built to develop the largest range of communication skills


Looten International teachers are following syllabuses designed to improve communication skills step by step. Studying the appropriate subject at the appropriate time will let students achieve the best possible result and optimize their studying time.

Syllabuses and lesson content are designed independently for each of our customers according to the requirements of each institution.

Original and entertaining content

Looten International content

One of the most difficult things when studying is to stay motivated. Learning a new language requires time and repetition. To ensure the highest possible motivation, all our lessons are original stories designed to keep students entertained.
While enjoying the stories, students will always be:

  • Learning natural idiomatic expressions
  • Reviewing/learning words and grammatical structures
  • Practicing the new skills acquired in previous lessons

Practice listening and pronunciation

Recording session

Listening and speaking are both important parts of learning languages.
All lessons in this portal come with an original recording of the lesson, and a question/answer exercise designed to make students practice both listening and speaking.
Most of the recorded voices are those of the very teachers who wrote the lessons and are teaching them in the classroom.

Access through PC/mobile site and application

Looten international websites and application
  • Looten international websites are optimized for both PC and mobile devices.
  • This portal is also available through smart phone applications